Anti-gay extremists are growing louder.  But they don't just want to stop progress, they want to roll it back.

If they win, they'll kick brave troops out of the military, stop partner visitation rights in hospitals and prevent gays and lesbians from adopting kids who need loving homes.

They'll make sure its legal to fire us for being gay or transgender.

Some have even said it's time to criminalize homosexuality itself.

If they win, what will you lose?

Had enough?  Take action!

Tell us in a 15-second video what YOU would lose if the extremists win.  Upload your video to this site and tell your friends and family to watch it and watch other videos from LGBT Americans and their allies.


Sign the pledge and tell your friends and family what you'd lose if anti-gay extremists win this November.  Pledge to support candidates this November who speak openly and honestly about the LGBT community.  To counter the lies and hate spread by anti-gay extremists and the campaigns they're dumping millions of dollars into across the country.

Make sure the people who love you know what will happen if we don't keep fighting.

Make sure they know what you'll lose.

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