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Progressive Letter Writing Cooperative...

Would you like a cooperative way to get your voice heard in Washington?

It's free!

Progressive Secretary sends out progressive email letters to Congress, the President, and other officials on peace, the environment, civil rights and other issues.

The letters are suggested by participants in the cooperative and are sent to you as a proposal - an email message including a copy of the letter itself.

If you want to send the letter, you just click on the link in the email message.  You'll be taken to our website showing the letter plus background information about the issue.  You just make sure the letter and contact information is correct, and press "Submit." It's that easy.

Letters are not sent without your specific approval.

Your name and email are never given out except to recipients of your letters.

There is no charge for this. We volunteer our time in keeping with the legacy of PS founders Jim and Pat, who were Quakers and long-time activists.  We believe in helping progressive people make their voices heard on important issues. There are no advertisements or other annoyances. You can cancel at any time.