Join an ESSENTIAL part of democracy.

How this Works!


We email you you proposed letters, one by one. The proposal contains the subject, the text of the letter, and who will receive it.  (Take a look at previous letter proposals here.)

If you have internet access, you just click the "send / learn more" link in the email proposal.

The link will bring you to Progressive Secretary's unique and private action page.  Sometimes you might be asked to type your zip code to ensure that the letter gets sent to your correct representatives. 

On that page, you can click on further links to read expert commentary and research about the issue, or edit the letter so that it says exactly what you want, or simply click "Submit."

Or, you simply ignore the email if you do not want to speak out about that topic.

Either way, we'll email you another proposal when it is ready.

That's all there is to it!