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How to Make a Donation

PS is free, and contributions are not required of anyone. However, PS gladly accepts contributions to help purchase equipment and to finance the constant upgrades we need to grow.

Checks may be sent to:

Progressive Secretary, Inc.
c/o Kathie Turner
101 South Military Avenue, #113
Green Bay, WI 54303-2409

More Information About Progressive Secretary Finances:
A Letter From Jim Harris

Thank you for your interest in Progressive Secretary finances. We need your help!

In 1998, after I was disabled from leukemia and living on a very limited income, I began Progressive Secretary with my own funds, because I believed deeply that more letters from progressives are needed in the struggle for peace and justice.

I continue to finance it myself, aided by generous contributions sent in by people like you. In the beginning Progressive Secretary required only a home computer and software for letter writing and databases.

But today, with more than 4,000 members and an annual output of 200 or more letters, it costs over $15,000 per year to keep it going despite every effort to be frugal. I pay as much of this as I can from my monthly Social security pension and miscellaneous receipts.

The rest, however, is covered from donations. Progressive Secretary simply couldn't survive without your help.

You will be interested to learn that after my fingers failed, I tried to keep up the massive daily mailings using local volunteers, and even a voice-activated program, but that didn't work. It has become necessary to contract for low-cost programming services overseas. Daily work by experts is absolutely necessary to make sure the computers send out the many thousands of messages we now handle each day.

Here is what our annual costs are currently running:

DSL and ISP connections $ 1,000
Miscellaneous (books, manuals, postage, telephone, etc) $ 1,800
Computer Programmer $ 7,200
Office space (Extra room rented for office) $ 3,600
Reserve for repairs and replacements $ 750
Getting the word out $ 1,000
  $ 15,350

To help cover these costs over the past year we received $8,000 in contributions. I contributed the remainder or did without. My commitment to Progressive Secretary remains strong.

But your contribution helps greatly to ease the burden, and will also enable much-needed growth and improvement.

We welcome your help!


Jim Harris