Republicans Will End Medicare

Republicans are trying to destroy Medicare to pay for more tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires. By a party-line vote in the U.S. House, they just approved a plan that wouldn't just cut Medicare: It would end Medicare as we know it.

We stuck together a few years ago when Republicans tried to privatize Social Security, and we saved it. Now we need to stick together to save Medicare.

Sign our petition now to show Republicans you won't stand by while they destroy one of the most popular and effective social safety net programs in the country.

Chuck Schumer
Chuck Schumer
U.S. Senator
Barbara Boxer
Barbara Boxer
U.S. Senator
Patty Murray
Patty Murray
U.S. Senator
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83482 Thu Nov 22 18:29:54 EST 2012 David Tonn
83481 Thu Nov 08 20:52:04 EST 2012 Dixon Haynes Neanderthal Republicans:

I realize you intend to do all possible to thwart President Obama whom the American people chose over your man November 6.

But we, the people, will not More....
83480 Thu Nov 08 20:14:59 EST 2012 Linda Halfmann Too many elderly people depend
on this to buy food, medicine and shelter.
83479 Wed Nov 07 01:07:45 EST 2012 Laurie Bobskill
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