Mar 20
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There is a lot at stake this November 3rd.   With less then a week left, I am ready to work hard to win, and, my guess is, so is Al Vann.

But allow me to be blunt: If you want new leadership, it will not arrive if we treat this race like a spectator sport. Beyond voting, you will have to put skin in this game. 

You can do that by making this message viral and sending it to relevant blog sites and listservs.

You can host a gathering of your neighbors so that I can make a personal appeal to them.

You can make a financial contribution.

But most importantly, you can volunteer in some capacity with the campaign: knocking on doors, making phone calls, or helping out on Election Day.

Do one, some, or all of those things. Just do something.

As Frederick Douglas famously said, “power concedes nothing without a demand.” That demand must come not just from my campaign, but from a grassroots movement of people like you willing to actively and loudly reclaim your community. 

Let’s make history.


Please come by the office or give us a call:

421 Gates Ave,
Brooklyn, NY, 11238
(347) 663 6196