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The Super Committee has unprecedented power and is making choices right now. The budget cuts could determine the future of food, farming, and the environment for a decade or more!

Your Senator will be advising the Super Committee and making decisions quickly. Please make a phone call today.

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The Message is Simple:  I am a constituent, calling to urge Senator ______ to support a fair and balanced approach to food and agricultural spending in the deficit reduction bill:

  •  - Farm conservation and environmental programs have already been cut deeply and should not be cut any further. 
  •  - Farm commodity, insurance, and disaster program reform is long overdue. Reform should be done in a way that reduces spending, maintains a smaller more targeted farm safety net, and reinvests in job-creating rural economic development, local and regional food systems, and young and beginning farmers

P.S. If the line is busy, please leave a brief message on the voicemail.

Thank you for taking action!

Additional Actions You Can Take

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