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Please act today for a chance you have only once every 5 years to truly transform our food and farm system and protect our natural resources through the federal farm bill.

Once you enter your zip code, the correct names and phones numbers will pop up so you can address your call or email to the appropriate recipient!

If you call: Phone calls are much more potent! If the line is busy, please leave a brief message on the voicemail.

If you email: type your message in the box below, then click on the submit button. Try to put the message in your own words.

The simple message to address to each representative that appears after you enter your zip code: 
  I am a constituent.  I have heard the Agriculture Committees are trying to write the farm bill this week, behind closed doors.   I urge Senator _____/Representative _____ to speak out and oppose any farm bill deal that makes big cuts to conservation and nutrition programs, fails to restore funding for local food and beginning farmer programs, or keeps subsidizing commodity production without strict per farm limits.

Additional Actions You Can Take

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