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Is supporting your local farmer, visiting your farmers market, CSA, food coop, or other local food source important to you?  What about having fresh, local food for your child’s school meals?  Or as a farmer or rancher, do you want to figure out ways to add value to your food products to capitalize on sales in your community?  We have a groundbreaking opportunity for you to support local farmers and ranchers and to ensure your local food system continues to grow.

Ask your two Senators and your Representative to co-sponsor the Local Farms, Food, and Jobs Act! 

Local food systems not only hold potential for connecting consumers with where their food comes from, but also for boosting farm income, stimulating job creation and economic development, and meeting public health and nutrition goals.

The bill will address the needs of consumers in accessing food from their local communities and the needs of farmers and ranchers producing for local and regional markets, including infrastructure and processing capabilities.  While there are growing “relocalization” efforts and local food economies are expanding across the nation, policy reforms are needed to overcome barriers and more fully capitalize on the new farming opportunities, jobs, and economic growth this sector can deliver.

Once you enter your zip code, the correct names and phones numbers will pop up so you can address your call to the appropriate recipient!

When you call: ask for the staff member who works on agricultural issues.  If the agriculture staffer isn’t available, leave a message and have them call you back.

The simple message to address to each representative

I am a constituent.  I urge Senator/Congress(wo)man __________  to co-sponsor the Local Farms, Food, and Jobs Act.  This legislation was recently introduced in the House and Senate. It will help boost farm income, create jobs, and meet consumer demand. Spending locally invests in communities. Can I count on Senator/Congress(wo)man_________ to be a co-sponsor?
-    If your Senator will co-sponsor or wants more information: Tell them to communicate with Senator Sherrod Brown’s office.
-    If your Representative will co-sponsor or wants more information: Tell them to communicate with Representative Chellie Pingree’s office.

P.S. It is possible agriculture staffers will ask for a copy of the bill or for additional information.  Feel free to share the summary of the bill at this link.

This action is no longer active.

To view the current list of our active campaigns click here

Thank you for making a call!

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