Speak up for local farmers and local food!

Wherever there’s local food, there are farmers feeding communities and creating jobs. Farmers and ranchers are responding to skyrocketing demand for fresh, healthy food everywhere: at farmers’ markets, grocery stores, and in schools. The Local Farms, Food, and Jobs Act creates jobs and spurs economic growth through food and farms – something everyone can get behind.

Tell your Congressperson:  I support my local farmers, and I want good food in my community! Please co-sponsor the Local Farms, Food, and Jobs Act today!

Here's how to make the call:

  1. 1. Dial the number for your Congressperson's DC office. (enter your ZIP code at the bottom of the page to get the correct number)
  2. 2. Ask for the staff member who works on agricultural issues.  If the agriculture staffer isn’t available, leave a message - including asking the Representative to support the bill - and ask for them to call you back. See the sample message below.
  3. 3. Thank the staff member for their time.
  4. 4. Tell us how it went!

Here's a clear message you can share with your representative:

I am a constituent.  I am asking Representative ___________ to co-sponsor the Local Farms, Food, and Jobs Act.  This legislation will create economic opportunities for our region's farmers and ranchers and help people in our state access healthy food.  It’s a job creator and a cost-effective, smart investment.  Can I count on Representative ___________ to be a co-sponsor?

Feel free to share a story or insight that makes your call personal. Why does this issue matter to you?

If your Representative will co-sponsor or wants more information: Tell them to communicate with Representative Chellie Pingree’s office.

Thank you for speaking up!

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