Congress, Don't Play Politics With Disaster -

Protect and Support Conservation Programs!

In the face of the most disastrous, widespread drought in a generation, what’s the worst possible thing Congress could do?

Play politics with disaster aid? It’s happening.

Cut conservation programs – the very ones that help farmers protect themselves from the worst ravages of drought? It’s about to happen. 

Help us tell Congress this is unacceptable – call your Representative and Senators today and tell them:  we need a farm bill now that funds conservation! And don’t pay for disaster aid by cutting conservation!

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    In times like these, when more than 65%* of our nation’s farms – representing almost 80% of our nation’s farmland! - are in the midst of a withering drought, farmers and ranchers depend upon conservation tools to help them deal with extreme conditions. 

    The core farm bill conservation programs – Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP), Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), and the Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) – work together to help farmers conserve water, protect and rebuild soil, and provide clean water and wildlife habitat.  They’re a smart, long-term investment in the future of our agricultural lands – and our nation’s food supply.

    But the 2008 Farm Bill expires on September 30, and if Congress doesn't pass the 2012 Farm Bill - or extend the '08 bill, along with funding for critical programs, farmers and ranchers will be left out to dry.

    (There's more at stake beyond conservation right now, too - including protecting critical sustainable ag programs set to expire in a few weeks and making a down payment on long-overdue subsidy program reforms!)