Stand With Farm Families -
Protect Farmers from Corporate Retaliation

Big Agriculture is putting family farms out of business.

It has to stop.

This summer, the USDA will release a rule aimed at protecting livestock and poultry farmers’ basic rights, like freedom of speech and freedom to join together in association. We’re asking you to stand by farmers and let the USDA know you want strong safeguards to give farmers a fighting chance against corporate control.

Tell the USDA you stand with family farmers by signing the petition below.

Farmers are mobilizing. They are getting ready to make their voices heard. But farmers are less than 1% of America’s population, so they need your help. This summer, before the USDA releases a new rule on this issue, we’re asking Americans like you to stand by farmers and demand the USDA craft strong safeguards to give farmers a fighting chance.

It only takes a minute to show your support.

Sign this petition today to add your name to the list, which will be delivered to USDA this summer!

Learn more - including background on the issue and farmers' stories - via the Stand With Farm Families campaign.