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Farmers use compost and manure on their fields to grow better crops by building better soil.  Sustainable and organic producers in particular rely on manure and compost instead of synthetic chemicals to add fertility to their fields.  The proposed new Food Safety Modernization Act rules aim to impose new standards on how manure and compost can be used on farms that produce food covered under the new rules. 

Farmers who think they may be covered by the proposed Produce Rule should learn about these proposed new regulations now – and prepare to submit comments to FDA on how these proposed rules may impact their operations.

To help, today we’ve published an overview of how the proposed FSMA rules address the use of manure and compost on farms, including how the rules as written would conflict with National Organic Program standards.

Information is also available on how the proposed rules address wild and domestic animals and conservation practices!  More analysis on other key FSMA issues is forthcoming throughout July.


This week, FDA released several new technical fact sheets aimed at farmers. They are linked below:


Iowa: Proposed Regulations Threaten Local Food

"The proposed produce rule establishes new burdensome regulatory standards that govern production practices on farms that produce fresh food for people, such as how they manage things like water and recordkeeping. […] The rules do not explicitly protect conservation practices on farms that are essential to protect water quality and provide important wildlife habitat.  The rules include costly water and water-testing standards. Manure and compost standards conflict with the National Organic Program regulations and rely on limited scientific evidence. The list could go on.  If implemented as is, the FSMA produce rules could mean the end of diversified farming as we know it, drastically curtailing agriculture opportunity for beginning and older farmers alike."

Read more from Illinois Stewardship Alliance Executive Director Wes King's op-ed at Iowa Farmer Today.

Look for more updates and materials in the weeks to come - and be sure to share this information with others who may be interested!

- The NSAC Food Safety Team

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