The Indoor Tanning Association

Tell Congress to Repeal the Tan Tax – NOW!

Congressman Michael Grimm (R-NY) has introduced legislation to repeal the Tan Tax -- the 10% excise tax on tanning services that is being used to fund the Healthcare Reform Legislation and passed in the last Congress.              

            We have to make sure your Congressman and Senators know how unpopular and unfair this tax is.  If the millions of Americans who have to pay this regressive tax speak out, Congress will listen.

Please take a minute and send emails to your Senators and Congressman and urge to each support Congressman Grimm’s Bill, H.R. 2092 and repeal this tax.  Even if you already supported our earlier efforts to have the tax stripped out of the healthcare reform bill, please send additional emails today. 

Enter your zip code and address to find your representative and senators. The message is already in the field.  All you have to do is enter your name, email address, phone number and organization (business name). The program directs the email to the proper offices.

After you enter your address, the program will give you phone numbers of your senators and congressman.  In addition to sending an email, please take a minute and call those numbers and tell the staff why this tax is bad public policy.

If everyone gets involved, we can repeal this tax. Be sure to contact any other salons in your area and spread the word about this legislation. Please send this link to your customers.  Have your employees, friends and family call, email and write as well.