Consumer Protection Prevails in the House: Tell the Senate It’s Their Turn Now

Toward the close of 2009, the House of Representatives did their part to beat back the reckless practices of big banks and Wall Street.  Now it’s time for the Senate to show that they care about our financial security too.

Tell the Senate we need a financial system where consumers get a fair deal and all actors are held accountable.

Thanks to your quick work, we are one step closer to establishing true accountability that would prevent corporate giants from fleecing hardworking Latino families.  The House bill would establish the first and only federal agency dedicated to preventing the kinds of deceptive lending practices that have cost millions their homes and life savings:  the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA).

Big banks and credit card companies have shown us that they won’t police themselves.  Their deceptive tactics have put millions of families in debt and at risk of losing their homes.  They ultimately helped to usher in one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression. 

Corporate lobbyists are certainly doing their best to defeat consumer protection and maintain the status quo.  We need your help now.  Tell your senator to stand on the side of hardworking families and prevent another financial meltdown in the future. 

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) is racing to gather 1,000 signatures to tell the Senate to support the financial security of Latino families. 

Show your support by signing the petition below. 

Dear Senator:

Enough is enough. I’ve seen too many of my friends and neighbors lose their homes and life savings because of the reckless tactics of big banks and Wall Street. It’s time to crack down on the abuses and fraud that have left a path of destruction in neighborhoods across the country and especially in communities of color.

Hardworking families like mine rely on bank accounts and credit to build a nest egg and move more firmly into the middle class. But poor oversight of financial companies and irresponsible lending has left millions without jobs and at risk of losing their homes.

I’m writing to ask you to stand up for me, my family, and my neighbors by supporting the creation of a federal agency solely dedicated to our defense: the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA). Specifically, communities of color need a federal agency that will:

• PREVENT abusive lending tactics and products that endanger our savings and assets.

• ENSURE that individuals are able to access the most favorable loan or credit card for which they qualify.

• PROVIDE timely and relevant information and advice to average consumers to help them make smarter financial decisions.

• COVER all credit and financial transactions, including student and car lending, loan brokering, and payday lending, regardless of the type of corporation that offers the loan.

• PRESERVE the ability of states and tribal governments to respond to and protect their consumers.

Don’t be fooled by those who call the CFPA unnecessary. Families that have lost their homes and savings have a different story to tell: the status quo is unacceptable. Please stand by everyday Americans by creating a more accountable and fair financial system.

Thank you,
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Number Date Name Organization Location
1219 Mon Mar 08 21:27:54 EST 2010 Susan Petra IA
1218 Fri Feb 12 07:16:38 EST 2010 Gbolabo Onayemi MD
1217 Thu Feb 04 17:53:20 EST 2010 Yesenia Casillas New Economics for Women CA
1216 Mon Feb 01 04:08:56 EST 2010 David Green Detroit-Democratic Socialists of America MI
1215 Wed Jan 27 02:46:25 EST 2010 Anonymous CA
1214 Tue Jan 26 22:05:12 EST 2010 Erma McKinney IL
1213 Tue Jan 26 11:00:54 EST 2010 Susan Rees Wider Oportunities for Women DC
1212 Tue Jan 26 10:23:04 EST 2010 ariel lee VA
1211 Mon Jan 25 19:48:48 EST 2010 Ami Bombardieri GA
1210 Mon Jan 25 19:05:39 EST 2010 Margarita Cardona RI
1209 Mon Jan 25 15:46:13 EST 2010 Anonymous
1208 Mon Jan 25 15:30:59 EST 2010 Judy Karp GA
1207 Mon Jan 25 14:20:40 EST 2010 Anonymous PA
1206 Mon Jan 25 14:16:58 EST 2010 Kim Ross FL
1205 Mon Jan 25 13:45:34 EST 2010 Rae Roeder PA
1204 Mon Jan 25 13:40:59 EST 2010 Sandra Steiner OH
1203 Mon Jan 25 13:37:59 EST 2010 Julia Loritz IndependenceFirst WI
1202 Mon Jan 25 10:23:38 EST 2010 mary Arias Channel One/ Ralph J.Holden .org RI
1201 Mon Jan 25 09:06:04 EST 2010 Tonya Villwock IndependenceFirst WI
1200 Sun Jan 24 21:46:13 EST 2010 Marc Beschler NY
1199 Sun Jan 24 19:09:23 EST 2010 Anonymous IL
1198 Sun Jan 24 13:56:50 EST 2010 Jon Engel TX
1197 Sun Jan 24 00:02:45 EST 2010 Margarita Leyvas AZ
1196 Sat Jan 23 19:50:16 EST 2010 Deborah Mason MD
1195 Sat Jan 23 18:55:45 EST 2010 Donna Nicolino CT The Consumer Financial Protection Agency is an important step in insuring that the kind of financial corruption which has led to so many people losing their homes will not happen again.
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