A glimmer of hope for the census, but many challenges still to overcome

 ...the release of two Census polls last week show that we still have to do to ensure our community is aware of the Census, knows why it’s important, and feels safe participating.

The first of these polls, conducted by the Pew Research Center for People and the Press, was released on January 20.  One of the findings from the poll was fairly positive – of the 130 Latino respondents, 72% agreed that the Census is “very” important to our country.  Among white non-Latinos, 57% agreed with the statement.  



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A great example of local Census organizing

Last week I had the opportunity to address the Latino Leadership Summit in Sacramento, California organized by the Sacramento Complete Count Committee. I was so impressed with the commitment and energy of our community leaders in Northern California to promote a full census count of Latinos.  And it was not just Latinos in the audience either, there were leaders from the African American, Asian American and American Arab communities.  Former Sacramento Mayor Ann Rudin was in the audience of more than 200 convened at California State University Sacramento...  



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An opportunity for reflection

Best wishes from the NALEO Educational Fund as our nation commemorates Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A number of our 2010 Census partner organizations, including the NAACP and the National Urban League, are using this important date to launch their outreach efforts to promote awareness and participation in the 2010 Census among the African American community.  Such an action could not be more appropriate.  The 2010 Census is the civil rights urgency of the moment.

Many people are aware that the Census is fundamental to our form of representative government and for the equitable distribution of public resources, and thus cuts to the core of fairness and equality.  The first step toward ensuring that all Americans are fairly represented in the U.S. House of Representatives and the 50 state legislatures is making sure that the numbers used for reapportionment are accurate.  Every year over the next decade, some $440 billion will be distributed from the federal government to states and localities for basic services and often for programs intended to help the most vulnerable of our society...



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