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June 1, 2011


The top five posts from Progressive Fix

Rebuilding America Is Job One - Will Marshall

Amid the high drama of fiscal brinkmanship in Washington, it’s easy to forget that reducing budget deficits isn’t the biggest economic challenge we face. Even more important is kick-starting the great American job machine and reversing our country’s slide in global competition. Read more…

Fixing Our Broken Politics: Mine’s Bigger Than Yours, or How Raising Money Trumps Raising Good Arguments - Tom Eland

In recent weeks Mitt Romney has been seeking to bolster his claim to be the mainstream establishment candidate capable of beating Barack Obama in the general election.  It’s a logical enough claim for any candidate to seek to make, except that his most compelling argument has had more to do with dollars than ideas. Read more…

Obama’s Two Most Pro-Israel Speeches You Haven’t Heard About - Josh Block

Football, they say, is a game of inches.  So too, is Middle East peace making — both figuratively, and in some cases quite literally.  President Obama was reminded of that last week when his comments about terms of reference for future Israel-Palestinian peace negotiations provoked a significant public debate, and in some cases, a furious reaction. Read more...

Wingnut Watch: Cain Raised as Mitt Romney, Frontrunner, Foiled By Microwave Popcorn - Ed Kilgore

If Newt Gingrich’s self-destructive criticism of Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposals pushed Republicans more firmly into Ryan’s corner (e.g., Tim Pawlenty’s forced statement that he would sign a bill implementing Ryan’s budget as president, even though he intends to present his own “ideas”), you might think the results of last Tuesday's special congressional election in New York would then exert counter-pressure against Ryan’s plan. Read more…

Do We Need a Third Party to Fix Deficits? - Will Marshall

Republicans are crying foul over Democrats’ resort to “Mediscare” tactics to win an open House seat in New York. Democrats are chortling because they think the GOP’s heretofore unstoppable austerity offensive may have met its Stalingrad. Read more…

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