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July 6, 2011


The top five posts from Progressive Fix

New CBO Report Highlights Republican Intransigence - Shannon Leon

Last week, President Obama vented his frustration at Congressional Republicans for storming out of White House budget talks over raising the debt ceiling. Anyone who thinks the president overreacted should look to the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) latest budget forecast, which warns that the national debt is poised to spiral out of control.

Released on the same day GOP negotiators abandoned their post at the budget talks, CBO’s “Long-Term Budget Outlook” predicted that the debt will reach 100 percent of GDP in less than a decade, then zoom to twice the size of the U.S. economy by 2037. In other words, we are moving inexorably toward the unsustainable level of debt (about 150 percent of GDP) that has plunged Greece into crisis.  Read more…

Michael Mandel Featured on PBS’ Nightly Business Report - The Progressive Policy Institute

PPI’s chief Economic Strategist Michael Mandel was featured on NBR’s innovation and job creation segment discussing the findings of his new brief on FDA regulation and the approach to job creation. Read more…

Will Marshall Dives Into Politico’s Arena - The Progressive Policy Institute

President of the Progressive Policy Institute, Will Marshall participated in the Politico’s Arena today discussing the implications of yesterday’s presidential press conference.

“President Obama was dead right in calling out Republicans for their childish flight from political responsibility. The only question is why it took him so long.” Read more…

Campaign Finance Reformers Take Heart - Daniel Weeks

Being a campaign finance reformer in the era of Citizens United is good for job security and bad for one’s sense of personal achievement. Most people agree that the need for sweeping reform is greater than ever and most people fear that it’s harder than ever to achieve. Most people are right.

And as if Congress and the President were not a tough enough audience already in the era of billion-dollar, incumbent-dominated campaigns, the Supreme Court, by a narrow majority, has repeatedly shown an activist zeal for striking down hard-won reforms of the past. All that’s not to mention the perpetual partisan deadlock at the onetime election law watchdog, the FEC.  Read more…

Wingnut Watch: The Perry Proposition - Ed Kilgore

The “invisible primary” of Republican presidential candidates positioning themselves to become the Wingnut alternative to Mitt Romney is now getting close to its first major landmarks: the “closing of the field” when Republicans stop fantasizing about late entries who will shake up the race, and the August 13 Iowa State GOP straw poll, which will likely end the campaigns of poorly financed also-rans who can’t show significant grassroots support in Iowa or other early states.

Although bored pundits will probably continue to offer implausible scenarios for late candidacies by Chris Christie or Jeb Bush right on through the autumn, the only real mystery left is whether Texas Gov. Rick Perry will enter the race. He will reportedly decide for or against by the end of this month. Read more…

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