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Dear Supporter,

HomeK Accounts: A Down Payment on HomeownershipIn our new policy memo, "Defense & Deficits: How to Trim the Pentagon’s Budget-Carefully," PPI's Jim Arkedis advocates for a cut of no more than $600-650 billion over ten years, while encouraging policymakers to avoid the worst—the "sequester" option that could cut $850-$1 trillion over ten years—because Congress can't compromise on the deficit's biggest drivers, taxes and entitlements.

"Defense & Deficits" frames the debate around strategic choices so as to allow the military to continue underpinning a robustly internationalist American foreign policy. It offers five guidelines on how to achieve those savings. They are:

1. Don’t let fiscal politics trump U.S. strategy.
2. Cut over time.
3. Focus on personnel costs.
4. Avoid radical surgery to military procurement and research & development.
5. Set a floor beneath defense cuts.

Read the entire policy memo HERE.

As always, your thoughts are welcome.



Will Marshall
President, Progressive Policy Institute

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