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Dear Supporter,

All of the Above: What to Do About Housing--NowAs the nation's continued problems with housing become increasingly urgent, a growing chorus of leading voices--from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to conservative economist Martin Feldstein--are calling on policymakers to tackle the challenge of housing.

At PPI, we've long believed the question to be now whether to act on housing--but how.

In our new memo, "All of the Above: What to Do About Housing--Now," PPI Senior Fellows Jason Gold and Anne Kim lay out a five-part policy framework for getting the market moving again. This memo also includes a menu of immediate practical solutions for policymakers. Click HERE.

Among their proposals:

  • "HomeK" accounts to stimulate first-time buyer demand;
  • A housing finance reform "super-committee"; and
  • A call to explore the notion of "shared appreciation mortgages," an innovative way to potentially rescue millions of "underwater" borrowers.

I hope you'll take a look. Click HERE.



Will Marshall
President, Progressive Policy Institute

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