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Innovation by Acquisition: New Dynamics of High-Tech CompetitionRetail sales are up; unemployment is down. Could America's economy finally be showing signs of life? 

Now more than ever is the time for policymakers to end needless roadblocks to growth—this includes the thicket of outdated federal regulations now stifling business innovation and investment.

In our continuing series of policy briefs aimed at progressive regulatory reform, PPI Senior Fellow Anne Kim looks at a 1960s-era securities law that is currently inhibiting younger companies from growing and creating jobs.

In "501 Shareholders: Redefining 'public' companies to help emerging firms," Kim explains how the so-called "500-shareholder rule" is limiting investment in younger firms while also forcing some companies to "go public" before they're ready. This rule is a case study of how regulations passed decades ago get overtaken by ever-changing market realities, yet don't get taken off the books. Our memo also notes growing bipartisan support among policymakers to amend this outdated rule.

As always, your thoughts and feedback is welcome. Download the brief.

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Will Marshall
President, Progressive Policy Institute

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