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Dear Supporter,

Crowd Control: The Need for a Spectrum Management Mitigation Fund

If you're reading this email on your iPad or smartphone (and chances are yes), you are among the more than 276 million Americans who've joined the wireless revolution.

But as more people type, text and browse, America's airwaves are becoming increasingly crowded. Innovative companies are proposing new technologies to put more users more efficiently on the nation's "spectrum," but these innovations can sometime prove disruptive to older, "legacy" technologies that are already in use.

In our new memo, "Crowd Control: Making Room for More Innovation on the Airwaves," PPI Senior Fellow Anne Kim proposes a spectrum management mitigation fund that could promote innovation by helping legacy users defray the unexpected costs of adapting to marketplace innovations. This fund would involve no new federal money and instead would be financed from a slice of revenues from voluntary "incentive" auctions of underused spectrum.

This fund would also help minimize the unseemly politics that are now taking hold of battles over spectrum management and that now threaten to stall our transformation into a wireless nation. 

I hope you'll take a look.

Download the memo.



Will Marshall
President, Progressive Policy Institute

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