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NYT OP-ED: REPEAL McCAIN-FEINGOLD. Executive Director and former DNC finance director Lindsay Lewis boldly proposes that the best way to reform campaign financing might be to repeal the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law. As Lindsay argues, McCain-Feingold inadvertently led to the creation and now dominance of super PACs. Read HERE

NEW REPORT: NOT THAT OUTSIDE SPENDING WORKS THAT WELL ANYWAY. Anne Kim calculates the "batting averages" of conservative and outside liberal groups in the 2010 Senate races and finds a mixed bag. On the one hand, big money spending by conservative groups may have tipped the balance in six races in 2010. On the other hand, conservative outside groups spent way more money on losing races than on winning ones. Read HERE.

SMART, SIMPLE, DOABLE: LET'S FIGURE OUT WHAT WE'RE GOOD AT. Although the government collects reams of economic data, we don't actually know what it costs to make a given product in China versus here in America. As a result, we don't actually know where we're competitive and where we're not. Michael Mandel and Diana Carew propose that the Bureau of Labor Statistics undertake a “Competitiveness Audit”. This will give us an accurate way of measuring America's competitive prowess, on an industry-by-industry basis. Read the policy brief.


  • WIll Marshall on C-SPAN, discussing (and defending) think tanks.
  • Jason Gold in Politico on the $26 billion mortgage settlement.
  • Michael Mandel in Time and the Huffington Post on the growth jobs in the app economy.

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