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BATTLEGROUND HOME VALUES INDEX. PPI tracked home values in 16 battleground states from just before the last presidential election to December 2011. While median home values are still down 16 percent from 2008, they've also seemed to have stopped falling. PPI Senior Fellow Jason Gold calls this good news--for homeowners, for the economy and for the incumbent Administration. Read the press release HERE. See our index HERE

REPORT: BETTER CONDITIONS FOR CHINESE WORKERS HELPS AMERICA'S BOTTOM LINE. China's spectacular growth at the expense of its workers is drawing renewed attention to the state of Chinese human rights and labor laws. PPI contributor Anka Lee makes another argument for why Chinese workers' rights matter to America: better-treated, wealthier workers are more likely to buy U.S. products. Anka argues that that treatment of Chinese workers and future U.S. prosperity are inextricably linked and lays out seven recommendations for policymakers. Read HERE.

SMART, SIMPLE, DOABLE: NEW AUCTIONS OF UNDERUSED BROADCAST SPECTRUM. PPI economist Diana Carew lauds the Obama Administration for its plan to encourage the auction of unused or underused broadcast spectrum. As she writes, the launch of the "app economy"--which has created 500,000 jobs since 2007--comes with a price: airwaves that are increasingly crowded with Angry Birds, Siri and other apps. The Obama Administration's proposal for "voluntary incentive auctions" would free up underused spectrum, fuel the app economy boom and raise new revenues for the government. Read HERE.


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