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Dear Supporter,

America's broken housing markets should be at the center of this year's election debate. Yet as Jason Gold and I point out in a new op-ed, the Republican presidential candidates have virtually ignored the housing crisis: http://bit.ly/HULrSA

Their silence is puzzling, since falling home prices are the single biggest drag on economic recovery. The Obama administration has done better, but we think more needs to be done to help the 12 million Americans who are drowning in "negative equity."

That's why PPI is teaming up with Columbia University and Zillow to stage a major conference in New York tomorrow and Thursday on "America's Housing Crisis: Private-Sector Responses and Public Policy Innovation." Featured speakers include Nobel Laureate Joe Stiglitz, Hong Kong developer Ronnie Chan, U.S. Rep. Jim Hines, Treasury Department chief economist Janice Eberly, Realogy CEO Richard Smith and Columbia Business School's Christopher Mayer.

For more details about PPI's housing initiative, please visit our website www.progressivepolicy.org.



Will Marshall
President, Progressive Policy Institute

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