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RIGHT-WING SUPER PACs: COMING TO A VOTING BOOTH NEAR YOU?  If it's not enough that right-wing Super PACs are bullying American voters with their domination of the airwaves, PPI's Lindsay Lewis and Jim Arkedis warn in The New York Times that voter suppression could be their next tactic. "Super PACs are the perfect vehicle for voter suppression, thanks to two crucial advantages they have over traditional campaigns," Lindsay and Jim write. "First, they operate in a legal black hole of opaque disclosure requirements that allows them to disguise their activities. Second, a candidate's campaign is shielded from a super PACs' duplicitous actions by a legal firewall that prevents coordination between the two entities." Read the full op-ed HERE

OCCUPATIONAL LICENSING: SETTING STANDARDS OR STIFLING INNOVATION? Everyone agrees doctors and lawyers should be licensed to practice by the state. But how about tour guides? Dane Stangler, director of research at the Kaufmann Foundation and PPI contributor, points to an overlooked barrier to job growth: runaway licensing requirements. Dane argues that potentially needless licensing standards for such professions as yacht brokers, cemetery operators and dry cleaners is leading to a new "guild mentality" that is suppressing job creation and innovation. Read HERE.

GOP CANDIDATES ON HOUSING:  BUELLER....? BUELLER....? PPI President Will Marshall and Senior Fellow Jason Gold write in the Las Vegas Sun about the radio silence from Republican presidential candidates on housing. Never mind that middle-class Americans have lost trillions in homeownership wealth and the stumbling housing market remains a lead weight on the economy. PPI also continued the call for bold action on housing at a major housing policy conference this week in New York City, co-sponsored with Zillow and Columbia University. Featured speakers included, among others, Janice Eberly, Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy at Treasury; Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.); Realogy Corporation CEO Richard Smith; and Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz.


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