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ANOTHER FRONT IN THE GOP WAR ON DATA. The House's recent vote to kill the American Community Survey--an important tool of the Census Bureau--led PPI chief economic strategist Michael Mandel to wonder if the GOP isn't waging a war on data. Michael argues HERE that government investments in data collection are as critical as investments in highways and other pieces of our economic infrastructure. The GOP war on data, he says, is anti-growth and anti-business. Read HERE.

MORE BIPARTISAN PROGRESS FOR START-UPS. Last month, Congress and the President passed major legislation (the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act) aimed at boosting start-ups and small businesses. It was one of the few bills passed in the last year that wasn’t born out of crisis or in the shadow of a looming government shutdown. This week, a bipartisan group of Senators has introduced a summer sequel worth watching, which they’ve dubbed “Startup Act 2.0.” Their bill would take another big in giving young businesses three crucial ingredients for success: talent, time and money. Read more HERE.

As promising as this package is, PPI would offer one modest improvement: an increase in the amount of small business lending available to young companies. As PPI has previously reported, smaller companies are still suffering from a "credit gap" that limits their growth. Read HERE.