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In a new PPI policy brief, “How to Boost the Economy by Helping Homeowners” Senior Fellow Jason Gold calls on Congress and the administration to act promptly to pass a big housing refinancing initiative. The idea is to stimulate economic demand by reducing mortgage payments and giving millions of families more money to spend. Such an initiative is even more crucial given the sluggish economy. [http://bit.ly/MxhIEy]

Why are young college grads struggling to find a job using their degree and pay off their debt? Because the jobs recent grads would normally take just aren’t there. As PPI Economist Diana G. Carew explains, the strongest job growth for college grads aged 21-29 since the end of the recession has been in jobs like dental assistants, bus drivers, hairstylists, and event ticket takers. [http://bit.ly/MNVv1u]

Writing in Roll Call, PPI Senior Fellow Anne Kim argues that Congress should scrap seniority as a basis for deciding committee chairmanships, allowing more moderate members to rise to key roles in leadership and giving more voice to the “much-needed and increasingly vital center.”  [http://bit.ly/LEIXvs]

PPI's Jason Gold spoke on housing recovery at an event sponsored by the American Action Forum at the National Press Club. Watch “Are We There Yet? The Bumpy Road To A Housing Recovery." here. [http://bit.ly/MJwgRm]

UPCOMING EVENT: On June 26 at the National Press Club, PPI will host a forum on improving charter school accountability with NACSA’s Greg Richmond, AFT’s Nancy Van Meter and The Heritage Foundation’s Lindsey Burke. David Osborne will present his findings in PPI’s latest report, “Improving Charter School Accountability: The Challenge of Closing Failing Schools.” RSVP HERE – [http://bit.ly/KfxFLA]