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PPI applauds the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the key provisions of the Affordable Care Act. Now the U.S. needs to implement healthcare reform in a way that holds down costs, and provides incentives for productivity-enhancing innovation. That’s the only path to get out of the long-term healthcare crisis. 


In a new PPI Policy Report, "Improving Charter School Accountability: The Challenge of Closing Failing Schools", Senior Fellow David Osborne pushes for improved standards among charter school authorizers. The key is to hold charter schools accountable when they are failing their students. Similarly, Osborne recommends that authorizers be much more stringent in their acceptance of charters in the first place so as not to create charter schools that are destined to fail. See Osborne’s ten recommendations at the conclusion of the report to keep charter schools accountable. [http://bit.ly/M186Uo]

Writing for Foreign Policy, PPI President Will Marshall argues that the Supreme Court's ruling was a step in the right direction. But, says Marshall, the spiraling health-care costs could still doom America's recovery. [http://bit.ly/OBqWSp]

Marshall also analyzes the German dilemma in salvaging the Euro for CNN, but advises an approach focused on structural adjustments and reforms rather than crippling austerity. He points to the success of moderating of wage hikes, constraints on pensions and health spending, among other strategies in Germany, Holland, and Scandinavia as models for the struggling EU nations today. [http://bit.ly/MBXWay]

In this week’s Election Watch, Ed Kilgore monitors the Congressional primaries across the country and the upcoming elections in November. Incumbents enjoying most of the success and low turnout was the story of the election in South Carolina. On the presidential side, after a marathon campaign Mitt Romney has finally crossed the finish line and heads to the Republican convention after a win in Utah’s primary. [http://bit.ly/MZfDzL]

PPI Senior Fellow Anne Kim writes in The Hill about how the likely addition of more women to Congress this fall could mean less gridlock. Women, she writes, have a more bipartisan track record than men, and they are more civil to boot. [http://bit.ly/MBYHQU]

Also, be sure to check out Jason Gold on a bill to make it easier to refinance home loans at Reuters. [http://reut.rs/KGj10h]