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With the U.S. economy stuttering, PPI has issued a completely new list of the top 25 "Investment Heroes"—the nonfinancial companies which are investing the most in the United States. In "Investment Heroes: Who's Betting on America's Future?," coauthors Diana G. Carew and Michael Mandel show that half the leading "Investment Hero" companies are either telecom or energy, reflecting the growth areas of the economy. The top five companies on the list are AT&T, Verizon, Exxon Mobil, Wal-Mart and Intel. [http://bit.ly/P2UQyj]

Writing for Washington Monthly, PPI Senior Fellow Anne Kim explores the reasons behind the lack of female scholars involved in policy and the potential consequences of male-dominated political discussion. Kim cites generational issues, a general dearth of females in politics, self-selection in policy areas and chauvinism as potential causes for the scarcity of women wonks. [http://bit.ly/MrBb6e]

Chief Economic Strategist Michael Mandel was cited in this week's Economist regarding the growth of the digital technology particularly in mobile application development. [http://econ.st/NvWgfR]

Mandel testified this week before the House Judiciary Committee on job growth and regulations. [http://1.usa.gov/MrIGtM]

Also appearing on CNBC, Mandel discussed Internet and data privacy. [http://bit.ly/NJgM0i]

CNBC’s Closing Bell featured PPI Economist Diana Carew on the rise in student debt among college graduates and the role of government in student loans. [http://bit.ly/P4VXOb]

PPI’s policy brief on Investment Heroes received significant media attention this week. Coverage can be found on Yahoo News, Business Insider, National Journal, The Atlantic, and MSNBC.