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While housing markets are still struggling across the country, PPI’s recent policy brief does not find the local governments proposed use of eminent domain to help underwater homeowners to be a viable option. Senior Fellow Jason Gold shows in his most recent report, “Can Eminent Domain Help Underwater Homeowners,” that while the strategy may initially help the homeowners, it will do nothing but worsen the overall housing market. [http://bit.ly/Lw459Z]

The latest PPI Battleground Home Value Index [http://bit.ly/PgZNAc]

In a new PPI policy brief, “Another Tool in the Toolkit: Short Sales to Existing Homeowners,” former Fannie Mae Vice President Richard Morris presents a bold experiment in principal reduction for underwater homeowners. [http://bit.ly/NCwrhn]

Will Marshall highlighted four positive economic stories that President Obama should be promoting in his attempt to turn the conversation on the economy in his favor over at Real Clear Politics. [http://bit.ly/MykD2w] 

Chief Economic Strategist Michael Mandel breaks down the Libor Scandal and argues that this may become a common occurrence with the increased incentive to manipulate data and mislead the public. [http://bit.ly/Qdudbv]

Appearing on CNBC, Mandel discussed the advantages American capitalism has over Chinese quasi-capitalism. [http://bit.ly/LZf9hA]

In a discussion of manufacturing employment, Slate quoted extensively from PPI’s Manufacturing in the App Economy paper by Mandel and Diana Carew.  [http://bit.ly/NDyFf5]

The Atlantic named PPI’s HomeK account proposal as a potential replacement for the mortgage interest deduction. [http://bit.ly/NXJdIa]

Investment Heroes continued to receive coverage, this week at the Washington Post [http://wapo.st/O0c7HN], and The Atlantic [http://bit.ly/MJbyOk]