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PPI Experts Available for Election Coverage – Election 2012

WASHINGTON—Progressive Policy Institute experts are available to comment and can provide Election Night and post-election analysis regarding the presidential race, policy issues and political landscape in Washington.

Will Marshall: What does the election mean for the country, and in particular for moderates? Does the election change the options for a grand deal on tax, budget, and entitlements? Will Marshall, president and founder of the Progressive Policy Institute, can address these issues and others. Marshall has written frequently on domestic and foreign policy for the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and many other publications. Marshall is one of the chief intellectual architects of the movement to modernize progressive politics for the global age. [Latest from Will Marshall: Centrist Voters Back Obama; Why the GOP Deserves to Lose]

Michael Mandel: What are the best policies to bring back a high-growth economy? How can the United States sustain its global tech leadership in a data-driven world? Mandel, PPI’s chief economic strategist, writes regularly for the Atlantic, and has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox News and others. [Latest from Michael Mandel: The Next Choice: A High-Growth Economy Versus Long-term Stagnation]

Jason Gold: Although the housing sector is showing signs of recovery, Jason Gold, director of PPI’s Building Middle Class Wealth Project, points out that housing markets remain week and there is the possibility of a future decline in home values. A 17-year industry veteran, Gold’s work at PPI focuses on the intersection of housing policy and the broader economy, housing finance reform and post-crash housing policy. [Latest from Jason Gold: Housing Recovery: Getting Stronger or Weaker]

Diana Carew: There’s no doubt that young people have been hit hard during the economic downturn. According to economist Diana Carew, young adults and recent college grads are facing a structural problem in our economy that needs to be addressed head-on. Carew explains middle-skill jobs are drying up faster than they are being replaced, forcing those with more skills and education to take lower skill jobs for less pay. [Latest from Diana Carew: Why Young People Overwhelmingly Support Obama]

Lindsay Lewis: How does money influence campaigns and elections? Lindsay Lewis, PPI’s executive director and former Democratic National Committee finance chair, can address how fundraising and money have increasingly become more influential in the outcome of presidential elections. Lewis has written for the New York Times and has appeared on a wide range of other media outlets.

The Progressive Policy Institute is an independent, innovative and high-impact D.C.-based think tank founded in 1989. As the original “idea mill” for President Bill Clinton’s New Democrats, PPI has a long legacy of promoting break-the-mold ideas aimed at economic growth, national security and modern, performance-based government. The Institute also has been integral to the spread of “Third Way” thinking to center-left parties in Europe and elsewhere. Today, PPI’s unique mix of political realism and policy innovation continues to make it a leading source of pragmatic and creative ideas. PPI is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.

For more information or to speak with an expert, please contact Steven Chlapecka at schlapecka@ppionline.org,