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Will Marshall argues at CNN that the that the GOP’s real problem is ideology. While the tea party radicalism seemed to work in 2010, voters rejected extremism in 2012 and according to exit polls, a plurality of voters were moderates. [http://bitly.com/RlE91a]

Marshall also explains in the Washington Monthly why the GOP deserved to lose this election. [http://bit.ly/VQayNb]


While housing was rarely mentioned during the campaign, it will continue to to impact the long-term health of the U.S. economy. Jason Gold points out the five housing issues that will play a significant role in President Obama's second term in U.S. News & World Report. [http://bit.ly/Sushso]

PPI’s Chief Economic Strategist Michael Mandel explains how Obamacare is the right step in creating a high-growth economy. Mandel also puts the spotlight on AT&T's recent investment announcement and how the Obama administration should encourage other companies to make the same bet on America's future.

Diana Carew writes on what young people want from President Obama over the next four years, after they turned out in large numbers to re-elect him. Now the real work begins for the President to solve the economic issues facing millennials--lack of jobs and adequate compensation. [http://bit.ly/Uyt4Jc]

PPI's "Regulatory Improvement Commission" plan was cited in the National Journal as a way for Washington to show its commitment to reducing the red-tape facing small business. [http://bit.ly/VTKb9g]

Ed Kilgore explains that the GOP needs to reconsider its direction after Mitt Romney's clear defeat on Nov. 6 like the Democrats did in the 1980s. However, Kilgore notes, they are unlikely to do so. [http://bit.ly/T3YhoH