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Dear Supporter,

The collection, storage and strategic use of digital information has become the prime catalyst for economic innovation and growth in the United States. To take just one example, demand for mobile “Apps” has sparked the creation of over 500,000 jobs since the first smart phone was introduced 2007.
We at the Progressive Policy Institute have a name for this phenomenon: the data-driven economy. We believe nurturing and protecting the ecosystem for digital innovation should be a top priority for policymakers here and abroad.

That’s why PPI organized a transatlantic dialogue on “The Rise of the Data-driven Economy” Oct. 10-12 in Rome. Our partner was John Cabot University, an American university in Rome, which also provided the venue. The conference featured leading representatives of U.S. technology firms and prominent European Union officials, as well as experts on digital growth and innovation and privacy.

The conversation centered on the scope of data-driven growth on both sides of the Atlantic; possible conflicts arising from very different approaches to privacy; companies’ responsibility to build trust with their customers by being responsible stewards of their data; and, the potential threat to digital growth and cross-border data flows arising from proposals to impose international regulation on the Internet.

It was a fascinating and important conversation, so much so that we’ve distilled its highlights in this report. I hope you will give it a look.



Will Marshall
President, Progressive Policy Institute

political realism. policy innovation.