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Dear Supporter,

Just in time for the new Congress, PPI is proud to launch its "Challenge Our Elected" project, our new angle at campaign finance reform.

As I'm sure you're aware, PPI has a long track record in this area. But Challenge Our Elected is different. Rather than trying to limit the money involved in campaigns -- a dubious prospect that would require difficult new legislation or Constitutional amendments, Challenge Our Elected focuses on the time the members of Congress spend raising money. We're specifically not seeking limits on the amount of money officials raise, but rather how much time they spend doing it.

Members of Congress are engaged in full-time campaign mode from the minute they win an election until the next time their name appears on the ballot. We believe that if members take just six months off from fundraising, they'll do a better job of what they were sent to DC to do in the first place, govern.

Please click over to our new website, www.challengeourelected.com, sign up if you support our effort, and please share it with friends. With a groundswell of grassroots support, we're hoping to show elected officials that Americans demand a break in the never-ending campaign so members can focus on running the country.


The Progressive Policy Institute

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