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PPI Senior Fellow Raymond A. Smith argues in today's New York Times for strengthening the role of the president’s cabinet. “Every four years the cabinet briefly becomes the focus of national attention in December and January -- only to fade from view again after Inauguration Day.” [http://nyti.ms/11nS5ii]

Read Smith's PPI Policy Memo: "The Fine Art of Cabinet-Making: Five Ways to Build a Stronger Executive Team" [http://bit.ly/VUNxJW]

In the Daily Beast, Will Marshall asserts that Obama is in a strong position to challenge the new Congress to pass a fiscal grand bargain early in 2013. [http://thebea.st/WfEYbr]

Marshall was recently quoted by Politico's Josh Gerstein on Chuck Hagel's nomination as the president's defense secretary. [http://politi.co/XBdZ0x]


Michael Mandel, writing for the Atlantic, explains that the FTC's decision on Google shows how regulators can do their job without stifling innovation. "More importantly, the FTC's approach to the Google investigation shows that regulatory agencies can be thoughtful about adopting pro-innovation, pro-growth policies without abandoning their core missions." [http://bit.ly/VELmcF]

Time's Sam Gustin quoted Mandel on the FTC's Google decision. [http://ti.me/WyyrZy]

Jason Gold argues why the housing market needs more first-time homebuyers in U.S. News & World Report. "First-time homebuyers are the vital first rung on the home ownership ladder. They are usually buying from a seller who is “trading up” to a more expensive home or building a new one. When potential new buyers sit on the sidelines, existing homeowners are stuck, unable to move out and up." [http://bit.ly/10OvpYi]

PPI Senior Fellow Anne Kim points out what Americans didn't get from the fiscal cliff tax deal. "But Americans may end up losing more than they’ve gained if this agreement is all that passes as “tax reform” this Congress. If so, Americans will have been robbed of an opportunity to rebuild a tax code that’s truly in their favor." [http://bit.ly/WYJs6O]