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Will Marshall continues coverage of the debt debate for Politico. Although the major changes championed by Republicans would hamstring economic recovery, an agreement to "stop the debt" could continue the process of fiscal reform without compromising the recovery. [http://politi.co/YABirE]

Marshall also responds to David Blakenhorn's call for a "new conversation on marriage". The deterioration of marriage is having dangerous and insidious effects on America's socioeconomic fabric—but it doesn't have to be this way. [http://bit.ly/XjK34n]

Peter Roff in U.S. News and World Report cites Marshall on sequestration. [http://bit.ly/VzQncd]

Writing for the Daily Beast, PPI Senior Fellow Raymond A. Smith challenges the interminable election cycle. By studying other country's democracies, he reveals policies that could improve our own. He then expands this work in a policy brief for the PPI. [http://thebea.st/WlLz84]

Jason Gold points out that San Bernardino County recently struck down a measure to use eminent domain. Gold also argues in his policy brief that eminent domain was not in the best interest of the homeowners. [http://bit.ly/VAYIZL]

Diana G. Carew argues that while young people are still struggling to find jobs higher education is still worth the investment. [http://bit.ly/107dMmp]

Governing Magazine's Paul W. Taylor recaps PPI's "Rise of the Data-Driven Economy" conference in Rome, Italy. [http://bit.ly/Yp1UZ4]