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Diana Carew, Jason Gold and Michael Mandel introduce the basic components of their new proposal to relieve the $1 trillion student debt burden: a private secondary markets for student loans, capitalized by profits held by U.S. companies abroad. [http://bit.ly/ZlHYpM]

The Student Debt Investment Fund (SDIF) Policy Proposal was recently covered by the Washington Monthly [http://bit.ly/10EDtM3] and The Raw Story. [http://bit.ly/W2tNrX]

Even though student debt is growing like a bubble, it is possible to deflate it like a balloon through proposals like the SDIF. Diana Carew is carefully optimistic about the outcome of the student debt. [http://bit.ly/Walklu]

The average income for a 25-34 year old with a bachelor's degree is at its lowest point in years, down $10,000 since 2000, according to a recent article by Reuters that cites PPI's research on the looming student debt crisis. [http://bit.ly/14OQrDN]

Will Marshall reminds us that Chávez, taking up last century’s East-West conflict to heart, was a dictator who established strict controls over media and civil society and befriended many other dictators around the globe. He should not be remembered too fondly. [http://bit.ly/ZcWK46]

Jason Gold writes about financial innovation in the housing sector for U.S. News & World Report. There is an important distinction to be made between good and bad innovation. [http://bit.ly/W2p75k]

In the Washington Monthly, Anne Kim explores the idea of ‘reshoring’ and its potential benefits. She explains three ways to bring back manufacturing jobs to America.  [http://bit.ly/16e9OJO]

PPI Senior Fellow Paul Weinstein discusses the White House’s creation of the College Scorecard which is an independent platform providing information to citizens about colleges’ achievements and costs. [http://bit.ly/XWj9OZ]

Michael Mandel attended a recent OECD conference in Paris on "Big-Data" and its emerging role in generating growth and jobs and sits on a panel entitled "'Big-data': An Emerging Frontier for Innovation and Policy?" [http://bit.ly/12J7RWI]