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New research by Diana Carew shows young people continued to be squeezed from the labor force in 2012 relative to people age 35 and over. Her findings suggest investing in young Americans should be a bigger priority to policymakers.

Carew also questions whether the government has a conflict of interest when it comes to student debt, and why a public-private solution to the student debt crisis like the Student Debt Investment Fund (SDIF) may be the best way forward.

Using Section 199 of the corporate tax code, Robert Shapiro does a case study to examine the dynamics of special provisions. He uses this study to make a case for broad corporate tax reform. 

Recently, the Republicans have been suffering a malaise similar to that of the Democrats in the '70s and '80s. Writing for the Daily Beast, Will Marshall draws on personal experience with the DLC to provide a possible blueprint for a Republican turnaround.

In RealClearPolitics, Marshall explained how Paul Ryan continues to pursue the same policies the last election rebuked, proposing one-sided solutions to the budget problem with zero political viability.

This week PPI Senior Fellow Ed Kilgore launched a new series of 'Bright and Early' posts, providing daily political coverage and quick hits every morning. Check out today's post.

UPCOMING EVENT: On April 18th, PPI is hosting a conference on the future of housing in conjunction with Zillow and the American Action Forum. As the housing market slowly begins to recover, it will discuss what's next for housing demand and mortgage finance.