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The shale natural gas revolution already is transforming America's electricity sector. But, says Bruce Kauffman, we've barely scratched the surface of its potential as a transportation fuel.

In a new Policy Memo for PPI, Kauffman analyzes the challenges facing widespread use of natural gas vehicles (NGVs). He offers a detailed set of policy changes that would give NGVs a fair test against electric and other entrants in America's "clean cars" sweepstakes. Expanding the role of natural gas in powering both heavy and light-duty vehicles—especially the family car—would cut America's oil import bill, create thousands of good production jobs in the auto and gas sectors, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance the nation's energy security. In Natural Gas Vehicles: Driving America to a More Prosperous, Secure and Sustainable Future, Kauffman offers policy makers a road map to toward reaping the potential of NGVs. 

Download the policy memo.


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