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Bruce Kauffman highlights the benefits of natural gas vehicles to America’s economy, and lays out a roadmap to realizing natural gas’s potential.

PPI President Will Marshall gives progressives seven ways to get the American economy growing again by focusing on growing production instead of consumption.

Writing on gun control for the Daily Beast, Marshall explains the right-wing dystopic mind-set that leads them to reject common sense measures so furiously.   

In The Hill, Will Marshall and PPI Senior Fellow Paul Weinstein dismiss the idea that return-free filing represents real reform to the tax system. 

In US News & World Report, Jason Gold points to the financial successes of Fannie and Freddie to argue why they should exist in the new mortgage market.

PPI contributor Peter Skerry explains that the Gang of Eight bipartisan immigration reform fails to address the problems within the workplace. He uses the Brookings-Duke Immigration Roundtable Policy as a possible solution to address what he sees as the weakest area of our immigration framework. 

Senior PPI Fellow Ed Kilgore goes behind the headlines examining issues raised by the news, with special interest on intra-progressive debates over policy and politics.