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PPI Senior Fellow Jason Gold's new policy brief argues that political opposition and positive economic indicators mean the time for principal reduction has passed.                       

Writing on FHFA for U.S. News and World Report, PPI’s Jason Gold explains why despite the President nominating Rep. Mel Watt to head the FHFA, the acting Director Ed Demarco isn’t going anywhere.

Michael Mandel and Diana G. Carew propose the creation of a Regulatory Improvement Commission as a politically viable way to reduce regulatory accumulation.

PPI Chief Economist Michael Mandel’s latest policy brief highlights how internet and tech jobs are spreading across the state of California and discusses the policy implications for the country.

Writing for RealClearPolitics, PPI President Will Marshall denounces the left wing justifications of terrorism in response to the recent attack in London.

Writing in the The Hill's Congressional Blog, Diana G. Carew explains explains why the problem with student debt is bigger than interest rates.

The Atlantic's Molly Ball quotes PPI President Will Marshall on how the Republicans can learn from the Democrats’ turnaround in the early 1990s.