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Dear Supporter,

Shaping the Digital Age-A Progressive Broadband AgendaThe growth of broadband Internet has served as a powerhouse to encourage our economic and social needs. However, debates continue between policymakers who favor a hands-off approach to regulation, and those who seek more aggressive government control.

PPI believes the crux of the issue is how to balance respect for private investment with the need to realize the Internet's full promise as a means of social infrastructure.

In our new memo, "Shaping the Digital Age-A Progressive Broadband Agenda," PPI fellow Ev Ehrlich lays out a five-part policy framework for allowing market forces to act freely and attain progressive broadband goals. This memo also includes a menu of immediate practical solutions for policymakers.

Specifically, a progressive broadband agenda should:

  • Close the digital divide
  • "Inform" key non-market sectors of the economy
  • Protect personal privacy in broadband-based interactions
  • Create an active market for spectrum

Download the report.


Progressive Policy Institute