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PPI would like to congratulate Senators King and Blunt for introducing the Regulatory Improvement Act of 2013, which proposes a commission modeled after PPI's Regulatory Improvement Commission. The Regulatory Improvement Act of 2013 is a significant proposal that could have a tremendous economic impact.

PPI Senior Fellow Paul Weinstein's new policy brief argues that simplification must be a central goal of federal tax reform.

In the Atlantic, PPI Chief Economist Michael Mandel explains why the data-driven economy is a bigger job creater than you, and the government, think.

In response to an artcile in Washington Monthly, Mandel argues that tech innovation is flourishing due to low regulation and the innovation of companies. More gains are only possible if we unblock the obstacles to growth in areas where innovation is currently lagging.

New calculations by Michael Mandel show there are currently 752,000 App Economy jobs in the United States, all created since the first Iphone hit the marketplace. The App Economy continues to be a key driver of job growth in an otherwise slow recovery.

In a recent PPI report, Shaping the Digital Age: A Progressive Broadband Agenda, Ev Ehrlich offers a new roadmap for progressive broadband policy that includes closing the digital divide and informating key non-market sectors of the economy. 

Writing on payroll debit cards for U.S. News and World Report, PPI's Jason Gold argues that new financial innovations must serve all parties in the transaction, not just the employers and banks.

Gold's latest weekly piece for U.S. News and World Report outlined a housing plan to build a new Detroit.

In a piece for CNN, PPI President Will Marshall debates the potential consequences of the U.S. non-intervention policy in Syria.