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Dear Supporter,

Did you know that the first real bullet train in America may be built by China? Are you curious about what the recent wave of labor unrest in China really means? How about the proxy political cage match between Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin, who have endorsed different candidates in Georgia's GOP gubernatorial primary?

These are but a few of the topics featured last week on Progressivefix.com. It's a place to find lively political commentary and unique insight on the big domestic and foreign policy questions facing our country.

Check out, for example, PPI's own Mark Reutter, who notes that China has built a booming high-speed rail business as the Obama administration unwisely saddles U.S. companies with 100 percent domestic content mandates. http://bit.ly/9uD4oO

Or read a highly informative special report by Earl Brown of the Center for International Labor Solidarity on how industrial democracy may be coming to China, as its hitherto docile factory workers start flexing their muscles. http://bit.ly/9ZBccW

Fresh from a visit to Israel, PPI's Jim Arkedis reports on the profound sense of political abandonment he found there. Many Israelis wonder: is America still our ally? http://bit.ly/9jat4C

 Arkedis also looks into the security risks and morale boosting potential of social networking sites through a particular case with the Israeli Defense Forces http://bit.ly/9wtWbj

And PPI political analyst extraordinaire Ed Kilgore weighs in with another installment in his continuing series on the midterm elections. Can Democrats close the enthusiasm gap and spur a decent turnout in November? http://bit.ly/9ynTG1

This kind of nourishing political fare is routine on Progressivefix.com. Please visit us there.

Warm regards,

 Will Marshall

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