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Dear Supporter,

The recent flap over a Virginia fourth-grade history book—which claimed that thousands of blacks fought for the Confederacy—has thrown a welcome light on the textbook industry. The real scandal, however, isn't that our kids' textbooks are occasionally outlandish, but that they are usually dull.

In a perceptive commentary from today's Progressivefix.com, Joy Hakim offers some practical ways to get more lively, readable books into student hands. She's not just a critic of lowest-common-denominator textbooks, she's also the author of an award-winning series of alternative history and science books. These books are predicated on her belief that lively writing and vivid stories are more likely to engage kids' interest than the dull, agglomeration-of-facts approach of standard texts.

I think you'll enjoy her piece. Here's the link: http://bit.ly/bbphm7


 Will Marshall

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