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Dear Supporter,

The new Washington Monthly features a colloquy on what President Obama should say in his 2011 State of the Union address to revive his political fortunes. My contribution argues that, to win back the independent and moderate voters, President Obama should 1) lead the nation, not just his party; 2) seize the political initiative with an ambitious plan for rebuilding America's productive might; and, 3) keep probing for common ground even as he defends his accomplishments from Tea Party assaults. I sketch such a plan here and would be interested in your reactions and suggestions. [http://bit.ly/gRKcXJ]

The midterm has produced a new moment in U.S. politics, in which the pragmatic center is reasserting itself after a decade of intensifying polarization. That means the window is opening for what PPI does best -- developing fresh solutions to the nation's urgent problems that move us beyond the brain-dead left-right debate. You can follow our progress, and have your own say, on ProgressiveFix.com.



Enriching the Progressive Debate