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Dear Supporter,

President Obama speaks next week to a nation anxious about its economic future and fed up with a broken political system. We see the State of the Union speech as a key opportunity for the president to rise above Washington’s zero-sum partisan conflicts and offer a bold plan for rebooting the American economy.

To help him seize that opportunity, the Progressive Policy Institute today unveils a "Memo to the President" entitled, Getting America Moving Again.  This memo outlines 10 big ideas for tackling the structural obstacles to a U.S. economic comeback, including the dead weight of accumulated regulation on economic innovation; chronic underinvestment in public goods; exploding public deficits and debts; persistent education gaps; and the absence of a realistic national strategy for making America the world’s clean energy leader.

These ideas, grounded in PPI’s trademark spirit of radical pragmatism, offer a progressive alternative to the false economic choices posed by the left and the right. By embracing a practical plan for rebuilding America’s productive might, President Obama can regain the “post-partisan” promise of his 2008 campaign and appeal to the independents and moderates who hold the balance of power in U.S. politics.

I hope you will take time to look over these ideas, which have been crafted by PPI’s talented network of policy experts. We welcome your feedback.

Download the entire memo.



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