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    April 1, 2011


FOREIGN POLICY: Not All Interventions Are the Same by Jim Arkeids
In an exclusive to Foreign Policy, Jim Arkedis rebuts Stephen Walt and explains the important differences between neo-conservatism and liberal interventionism:  "'Liberal interventionists are just 'kinder, gentler' neocons, and neocons are just liberal interventionists on steroids,' political scientist and blogger Stephen M. Walt, commenting on calls for U.S. involvement in Libya, asserted recently on this website, echoing a false equivalence that has sadly become a common conceit among foreign-policy thinkers." Read more.

THE ATLANTIC: New Coalition to Focus on Human Rights, Democracy in Iran
Chris Good of The Atlantic covers the creation of the new PPI and Freedom House Iran Strategy Task force: "Since the threat of Iran's nuclear program has grown into a frightening reality, Washington has mostly contemplated Iran in nuclear terms. During the present moment of Middle East upheaval, a new coalition of foreign-policy advocates will try to change that." Read more.


Homeownership Vouchers: A Plan to Reinvigorate the Economy While Helping Low-Income Families - Robert Lerman

While easy monetary policy and a large fiscal stimulus have limited the economic downturn and helped generate modest growth, few believe the economy can grow fast enough to reduce unemployment without the recovery of the housing sector. Yet, no such recovery is in sight. As of late December 2010, the headline story was “Housing Recovery Stalls: Fresh Fall in Home Prices is Headwind for Economy.” Read more…

Getting Real About Energy: A Balanced Portfolio for America’s Future - Jim Conca and Judith Wright

The failure by Congress to pass energy and climate legislation has left U.S. energy policy adrift, with no clear direction or guiding concept of how we are going to address the long-term questions about the energy resources we elect to use and their impact on the environment. Read more…


Is the Tea Party Finally Boiling Over? - Lee Drutman

Wingnut Watch: Iowa’s Cattle Calls and Conferences Continue - Ed Kilgore

Clean Elections Are Constitutional - Dan Weeks

Whither Progressive History? - Lee Drutman

Getting Clarity on Libya - Will Marshall

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