Sign on to support VT Right to Know GMOs

As citizens and consumers we have a right to know what is in the food we eat and feed our children. Without common sense labeling requirements we cannot tell if our food contains substances of concern to us, including ingredients that have been genetically engineered.  

Over 70% of all packaged foods sold in the United States contain genetically engineered ingredients (often called genetically modified organisms, or GMOs). Without labeling requirements for genetically engineered food products, we the consumers are being deprived of our right to make informed choices about what we eat, and how we spend our money

The VT Right to Know Genetically Modified Food Act (H.722) would give us, Vermont consumers, the information we deserve by requiring the labeling of genetically engineered food products sold at retail outlets in the state of Vermont.

We need signatures from as many Vermonters as possible.  Please sign our petition today and tell our elected leaders that you have a right to know if your food has been genetically engineered.

We the undersigned have the right to know if our food is the product of genetic engineering, or contains genetically engineered ingredients, and we urge our elected officials to support the VT Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act (H.722).
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This petition is part of a collaborative campaign by NOFA-VT, Rural Vermont, VPIRG and Cedar Circle Farm. We will present this petition to elected officials to demonstrate the broad support for The VT Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act. By signing this petition, you add your voice to our effort, and enable us to let you know what is happening with the campaign. We will also give all signatories the option of finding out more about the work of our organizations.